ODR Fujifilm GFX winter 2019: up to 600 € of immediate discounts on GF boxes and medium-format optics

In this early autumn, manufacturers’ promotional campaigns are tending to multiply.Shortly after its recent campaign on the X-H1 hybrid, Fujifilm unveils new discounts, valid until 15 January 2020, that will allow you to save up to $600 on a wide selection of medium-format boxes and lenses.


The two boxes concerned are none other than the GFX 50R and GFX 50S, Fujifilm’s first two medium-format boxes.Both are equipped with the same 43.8 x 32.9 mm CMOS sensor without low-pass filter with a resolution of 51.4 million pixels, supported by the X-Processor Pro processor.

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The difference between the two cameras is to be found in their vocation: the GFX 50S was designed more to be a medium-format studio camera.On the other hand, the GFX 50R is lighter and more compact, and is intended for field photographers, allowing it to be used for reportage, portrait or wedding photography.

Usually sold at around 4400 and 5500 $, the Fujifilm GFX 50R and 50S see their price increase to 3800 and 5100 $ thanks to an immediate discount.Surprisingly, the GFX 50R benefits from a higher discount than the GFX 50S, while the latter is offered at a higher price.

Note that this offer also includes the VG-GFX vertical handle, compatible with the GFX 50S: usually sold at around $629, its price drops to around $290 thanks to a $339.50 discount.

On the other hand, the recent Fujifilm GFX 100 and its 102 million pixel medium-format sensor are not affected by this operation.

You will find the list of the cameras and lenses concerned in the table below:

This offer is valid immediately for any purchase of any of the above-mentioned products until January 15, 2020 from one of the resellers participating in this operation.Bodies and lenses must be purchased new, used or refurbished products being excluded.

These discounts are reserved for individuals of legal age residing in metropolitan France (including Corsica), Monaco or in the DROM-COMs, within the limits of available stocks.

All the terms and conditions of this offer can be found on Fujifilm’s website.

It should also be noted that Fujifilm offers a trade-in offer for any purchase of a GFX 50S or GFX 50R and the trade-in of a medium-format or full-format box: count on 500$ discount for the GFX 50S and 300$ discount for the GFX 50R.Find all the details on the Fujifilm website.

All these offers can be combined with each other.

If you are seduced by Fujifilm’s two GFX 50S and 50R medium-format cameras, now is the time to enjoy them!

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